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RE: Delver

February 12, 2008 Leave a comment

As reported by ReadWriteWeb:

 The most impressive thing about the new search engine Delver is that it knows who you are and who your friends are even if you don’t import you address book or add your social networking profiles.

Hooray! Am I supposed to be happy that you know who I am, before I choose to tell you?

Instead, Delver leverages the social graph to map out a user’s social connections. Since everyone’s social graph is unique, like a fingerprint, the same query will yield vastly different results for each user.

Great! Now we can fingerprint anyone -not just criminals.

The results are more personal and meaningful to users than a generic search using “normal” search engine.

In other words, now we can show you Viagra and Cialis ads only if you fit the “social profile”.

There were no comments from Big Brother.