Since the year 1999, I have been in forefront of e-business development, digitizing of documents in Puerto Rico, domain investing, and consulting in the transition to operating online solutions for brick and mortar businesses. I’ve been involved in numerous consulting projects on e-business and in the development of static and interactive portals across distinct industries.

In 2000, I co-founded BodasPR.com. At the time, it was the largest bilingual wedding website in the world with over 4000 content pages. It featured interactive tools, online active assistants, and an e-commerce front with hundreds of wedding products.

I have been involved in the development and/or administration of portals ResizePictures.com, WebArticles.com, WeddingLinksOnline.com, and others which have since been acquired.

In 2006, I filed a patent, A Method for Website Valuation. at the USPTO with co-inventor, Dr. Glassman, on the systems and methods for automated valuation of cyber assets, which is currently patent pending. The invention deals with the identification of key data across the Internet essential for the consistent and continuous valuation process of cyber assets.

In 2008, I launched Chat.com.pr which is now Chat.pr. The site quickly became a popular destination amongst Puerto Ricans inside and outside of the main island and currently features over 80,000 member profiles. The site is an elaborate combination of social tools ranging from user personal pages, to multiple live webcam feeds simultaneously transmitted to a broad audience.

After having met Andreas Krohn, while attending Mashup Camp University in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we launched Blendapps.com in 2008 – an advanced mashup resource built on top of the latest cloud computing technologies. Blendapps.com successfully negotiated agreements with AOL and Meebo to integrate their platforms in a Google App Engine cloud based solution mashed up with Ning and Facebook‘s APIs. Blendapps.com’s tools are currently utilized by hundreds of thousands of users monthly.

In 2010, together with Eugenio Martínez, we launched a non-profit social networking site, DerechoPR.org aimed at increasing the level of access to legal information by creating a space where lawyers and legal students from the Puerto Rican community could upload educational material and discuss legal topics. The purpose of this project is to advance the open education movement in aims at increasing accessibility to education for underprivileged groups.

Recently, I have been involved in cloud solutions for enterprises and paperless operations, as well as the management and development of the social networking initiatives described above, and domain investments. I’ve also been involved in legal research specific to Cyberlaw and Corporate Law at the University of Puerto Rico while finishing my Juris Doctor.

You may contact me at (787) 587-6595.


Juris Doctor, University of Puerto Rico

BBA Management, University of Massachusetts – Amherst

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