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CSS to simulate day and night

Katherine Gallia today wrote an interesting article on how to use a timed CSS code to simulate the change of light throughout the day. The concept is very creative. She creates six sets of themes to simulate each phase: sunrise, morning, noon, afternoon, sunset and twilight. Cheers to Katherine!

Below is the code:

<!-- Begin
function getCSS()
 datetoday = new Date();
 thehour = datetoday.getHours();

 if (thehour > 20)
  display = "tree_twilight.css";
   else if (thehour > 17)
  display = "tree_sunset.css";
 else if (thehour > 14)
  display = "tree_afternoon.css";
 else if (thehour > 11)
  display = "tree_noon.css";
 else if (thehour > 7)
  display = "tree_morning.css";
 else if (thehour > 4)
  display = "tree_sunrise.css";
 else if (thehour > 1)
  display = "tree_twilight.css";
  display = "tree_sunset.css";

 var css = '<';  css+='link rel="stylesheet" href=' + display + ' \/';  css+='>';

// End -->
<script language="javascript">getCSS();</script>
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