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Purchase Airfare Smarter

In my family, everyone mistakes me with the Internet auction, travel, credit check, payment handling, hosting, tech support guy. Whatever it is, I usually try to find the smartest tools to get the job done. When it comes to travel, I make a lot of reservations. In what has passed of this year, I am up to nine flights plus the numerous ones I’ve reserved for those family members that confuse me with a travel agent. I’ve begun to use Farecast repeatedly and find myself going back to it. The greatest advantage of this website over the traditional Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity of the market is Farecast’s historical pricing information, how it’s displayed, and the way you can use that to understand with higher precision when is the right time for purchasing airfare.

Another excellent offering is their Fare Guard product. Anyone can say the price is going down on a ticket you want to buy, but Farecast goes further and guarantees it. Instead of purchasing the ticket, if Farecast believes the price will go down, they offer you the chance to buy a Fare Guard, which means they guarantee the present airfare for an entire weak. The airfare protection only costs $9.99, which is a fair price for the peace of knowing your ticket won’t skyrocket in those seven days of waiting.

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