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Business.com sells for $350 million

The internet market is hot. Business.com, one of the most valuable domain names in the planet, and all of its business has been acquired by R.H. Donnelley Corp. Bidders included Dow Jones Corp. and NY Times.

I am surprised that no major internet company was mentioned as a bidder of such a valuable internet asset. Yahoo! would’ve been an ideal owner and they have $2.4 billion in cash sitting in their vault. Even Murdoch could’ve used such a great domain to fuel his Internet vision.

The sale of $350 million seems to be a bargain when you consider that Facebook has received and refused much higher offers, despite Facebook’s major asset being memberships, which historically have proven to be fickle.

Congratulations to R.H. Donnelley and to all involved in the sale.

Sale details via WSJ.com

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