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Blog Day Recommendations

As per BlogDay, here are my five recommendations:

Blog.Pmarca.com – This is the personal blog of Internet pioneer and entrepreneur Marc Andreessen. His blog posts show an effortless brilliance with a forte on insights into creating and running Startups. I’ve read 99% of his blog posts and have learned a great deal.

Carlos Blanco (Spanish) – Carlos is a domain investor with a very open approach to sharing his activities. His blog gives you a strong idea of the Spanish Internet market, value of Spanish domains, and general domain information.

The Conceptualist – Sahar Sarid has proven himself to be a very smart domain investor. Now he’s sharing the wealth of knowledge he’s gained. His posts will educate you on domain investing and current trends in the industry.

IP Law Daily – Like Law? Like it or not, the Internet is no longer the Wild West. As economic interests grow, so are the amazingly complex and interesting legal issues shaping the way we do business on the net. This blog has a good selection of news covering all those conflicts.

Blog Maverick – It’s always healthy to hear all sides of the story. Mr. Cuban, Internet billionaire and entertainment investor, shares his usually harsh opinions on the Internet and related industries.  In his posts you learn to understand broader and less popular points of view from a man that has proven to be right more than once.

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