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Idea: Smart USB

IT is changing how we do so many things so quickly, that I have decided to start posting some of the ideas that I think can be developed into commercial products to take advantage of these advancements. 

Today, I will start the series with an idea for a “Smart USB”

Problem: Many services hold valuable information we treasure and wouldn’t want to lose. For example, all of our Facebook pictures, our files at cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud. Flickr. Then there are SMS messages, contacts, local pictures, you name it. 

Solution: Imagine a USB that when plugged, connected automatically to all your services and did a backup of all files. Of course, the first time you plug it in, the system would ask you to synchronize your accounts and select which folders you would like to backup. Once it has been configured, you would then plug it in any computer and the USB would run a software in the background connecting to all your services and syncing your files. It would be a local, portable backup of your online backups. 

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