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Amtrak Surcharge Ripoff

Can a lawyer please submit a class action lawsuit against Amtrak?

Last Thursday I had to take the Amtrak on my way to Davis, CA. At the information booth, I was told that the ticket could be purchased inside the train, so I did and everything was fine. However, on my way back from Davis I boarded the train once again and this time was penalized a 55% surcharge for purchasing the ticket in the train. They informed me that I was supposed to buy the ticket at the booth after boarding the train.

First, there aren’t any signs warning about this. Second, the rules are inconsistent and contradictory. Third, I was allowed in the train without being advised on this “policy”.

What impressed me the most was they were aggressive about enforcing this surcharge but failed to check my ID. They never bothered to check my ID, yet a black man was thrown out of the train for not having any ID.

Shame on you Amtrak

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  1. Shari
    June 2, 2007 at 2:48 am

    Amtrak employees out and out lie about everything. They never put anything on paper, it’s all verbal. These are the most lying bunch of theives on the planet. They make it up because they know you can’t prove it, then they keep the money. Swear, that’s what they do. I’d be happy to join you in a class action lawsuit. Biggest problem in suing Amtrak is finding out who to serve, they keep that hidden too. First of all, we need a webpage where every disgrunntled Amtrak rider can post a name and how they got ripped off. They owe me about $1200 so far, and never ever pay up on refunds. If you cancel a reservation onling, they charge you 10% and some employee in the back room keeps the money. They don’t even send you a confirmation cancellation online. It’s all verbal. They are breaking all the FTC laws. The US Attorney should be prosecuting them for racqeteerig.

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