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Crossing the Chasm – from desktop to the web using ‘program icons’

We know we will get there eventually. The desktop will be a webtop and everything will be connected to the ‘net. As we move to that day were software becomes webware, and all applications are running from other servers, there needs to be a tunnel to cross that chasm. For that, there are obvious things to be in place like a permanent connection to the Internet, web programming evolution to the tune of more AJAX simulating desktop applications, and tons of server power to allow for more elaborate applications to run web based. Yet, there’s one thing that might be almost innocuous but I believe will help reach and invade the desktop space – Program Icons.

We have Google Docs, photo editing tools, journals, etc. Now, all these Internet applications have to disguise themselves as desktop programs. You have to invade the desktop space to the point where using Internet applications will slip inside unnoticeable in their daily use. This strategy can work well now that most users have a permanent connection to the Internet. Users are used to going into Start -> Programs. Use that to your power and install a program icon into their Programs folder;  this way you will not disrupt their behavior.

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