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Webmaster – A Different Lifestyle

This new generation of computers, the Internet, and virtual reality is providing a freedom of choice unlike any other time in history. Webmasters are people who earn their living by administering Internet properties – websites. Up until now, a typical employee was given a job, whose responsibilities included being on time at a specific workplace, and was given a salary based on the supply and demand of the local job market and the cost of living in such area. This salary, in most cases, was just sufficient for your needs. This is still the case for most employees around the world, but not for Webmasters.

The Internet is well developed in the United States and Europe. E-commerce has become as common as any other type of commerce, and every day these countries rely more on the Internet for several critical operations of their economy. Webmasters are in the core of this new economic structure shift. Thus, Webmasters are earning income based on the cost of living standards of such developed countries, yet they are not physically restrained from operating in these countries. They can operate from any part of the world that has a stable communications infrastructure with accessibility to the Internet.

As a result, Webmasters are able to work and live in places that have a cost of living far below their income. This creates tremendous opportunities of lifestyle around the world. Take for example Venezuela. Despite political instability, Venezuela is a beautiful country with many resources and free of most types of natural disasters. The average person in Venezuela earns approximately $8 US dollars per day. What would a Webmaster earning $100 per day be able to afford in such country? This is the reality for most countries around the world. Webmasters have the freedom to live in such places and move when they feel like it without sacrificing their jobs. Furthermore, any person with an Internet connection can offer their services over the Internet. This creates an opportunity for citizens from developing countries to earn much more than what they could earn by trying to search for a job in their own country.

Just something for all of you to think of if you are planning on changing careers, or are deciding what you want to do when you grow up 😉

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